3 Reasons Why You Need To Take Construction Security Seriously

3 Reasons why construction sites require more security than any other type of site

#1: Liability, if a trespasser, often teenagers and or intoxicated vagrants enter your site, and injure themselves or worse, the owner/head contractor of the site is held liable.

#2: Crime, construction sites are full of things that are worthwhile to steal, power tools, trailers , trucks, heavy equipment, generators, copper, cables, motors, sensors and other materials are all easy to sell for quick money on the black market and often untraceable once removed from site.

#3: Work Disruptions are costly; to have workers without equipment or materials to build with can cost a great deal of money and time to replace. To arrive at site and find that weather or vandals have displaced or damaged equipment, materials and completed work over the course of a weekend without intervention is CE Security & Consulting Inc. can provide you an effective site security program to prevent trespass, theft, vandalism and work interruptions from occurring. Construction sites have many assets and materials onsite that make them prime targets for theft, take action to keep your project on time and on budget! We can support your construction operations anywhere in Alberta, and provide timely response to short notice and emergency requests for service. In matters of construction security we can provide 24/7/365 prevention & intervention agents on the site, who have the experience and training to make a difference, when it counts most!
Steps to take to protect your construction site:

  1. Utilize fencing around the entire property with signage throughout to identify as PRIVATE PROPERTY-NO TRESPASSING, UNSAFE CONDITIONS (I.E. OPEN PIT) AND THAT A SECURITY COMPANY IS PROTECTING THE SITE.
  2. Make sure your staff fortifies the site overnight and on non work days; locking gate entrances, securing tool cribs, parking vehicles to protect high value assets, materials and trailers from theft.
  3. Hire a qualified security agency to occupy & patrol the site, make a visible presence on the site to deter trespassers, to monitor the site in inclement weather and to ensure equipment onsite such as generators, heaters and sensors remain operating.


The Return on Investment:

Projects that do not incur incidence of crime, and have attentive site monitoring, often come in on budget and on time, because there were no unforeseen disruptions to the work schedule and no assets were lost that have to be replaced. A project that completes smoothly raise the profile of your company and you become known as a reliable, safe and secure industry leader.
Call today, for a free quote on how we can safeguard your projects, reputation and profit margin!

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