Are you a member of a law firm in Edmonton, Alberta or somewhere in British Columbia, Canada? You’re probably aware of the need for investigators to help strengthen your cases. Investigators work with legal firms to help lawyers collect evidence and get their cases prepared for court.

Investigators perform analysis of data for case law, discovery material and evidence. This gives the attorneys the tools they need to win cases. Legal investigators must possess the skills to discover and analyse relevant information. They must also be well versed in case and statutory law as well as the regulations relating to the preservation of evidence so that it will be admissible for a trial.

Most Needed Fact-Finding Services for Edmonton Law Firms

For law firms throughout Alberta and British Columbia, here’s some of the most needed tasks that investigators can help with. CE Security is skilled in all of these areas and can help your firm collect information and evidence.

Person of interest/Witness
Locating people for a case can be a challenge. Independent investigators can help provide what’s needed. This can be especially important when dealing with hard-to-find witnesses or skip tracing. Investigators like those on the CE Security team can be useful for estate planning and probate, finding obscure witnesses, and client collections.

Due Diligence
Most lawyers don’t like surprises, especially in their cases. They try to minimise the possibility of any unknown information coming out at the wrong time. That’s why thorough data collection is critical. An investigator can uncover something that may have been missed in initial interviews. A client could tell their lawyer their record is clean but then a DUI from 10 years ago appears in their background. Monitoring individuals and clients is also crucial to a case. Investigators can potentially uncover game-changing evidence. For example, finding information regarding a recent arrest in a custody case could change the course of the hearing.

Hidden or unintentional assets are important to any case. Maybe a client’s spouse or business partner has another property or a boat that wasn’t uncovered during discovery. Maybe there’s a warehouse that’s off the company’s books, or some unclaimed settlement somewhere. No matter what the asset may be, knowing they exist ensures a clearer perspective during business transactions. This can be particularly critical for divorce cases. Assets of all types can be uncovered during a thorough records search. This is particularly important regarding divorce and custody, mergers and acquisitions, and settlement cases.

Digital Footprint
Everyone has a digital footprint. It’s one of the newer investigative categories. A social media search can provide active or inactive profiles with posts for each. This can be strong evidence in a legal case. A post on social media showing where and when a person was in a particular place can be proof of an alibi. Social activity can also establish a person’s character whether it’s positive or negative. Think of the person involved in a personal injury lawsuit and then is seen riding a rollercoaster or bungee jumping in their stories on Instagram. This evidence could be crucial to the case, but it can also be time consuming and tedious to locate. That’s where outsourcing this legal legwork to trained investigators can really come in handy.

What Methods do Investigators Use to Find Evidence and Information?

Investigators use many different types of methods of gathering evidence but some of the most common are:

This is where the investigator observes the subject’s actions or behaviour. They can then see if the subject is behaving in a way that is indicative of their normal routines.

Audio surveillance:
This is used to listen in on what a person is saying to themselves or others. It can be on the phone or in person. This is done through the use of a transponder where an investigator can hear everything a person is saying and who they’re saying it to. It’s important for investigators to always follow all laws regarding listening devices so that evidence is admissible and no laws are broken.

Video surveillance:
This type is used to watch a person’s movements. Specific patterns or routines can be recorded as evidence.Investigators use video cameras and microphones to get visual images and sound to see what the subject is doing.

What Should Alberta or British Columbia Law Firms Look for in an Investigator?

There are many aspects that go into private investigation. As a law firm, the main traits to look for in a security firm that offers investigation include:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Detail-oriented
  • Experience
  • Knowledge of the law
  • Staff Bandwidth

Investigators often need to work long hours on odd schedules. When it comes to important legal cases the investigator must be willing to be on call at any time.

What Can a Law Firm Expect During an Investigation?

The investigator may be asked to provide testimony on a case they’ve worked on. The truthfulness, integrity, and reliability of the agent must be beyond reproach. The investigator will search for information about personal, financial, and legal matters on a subject. This can also include:

  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Background Checks
  • Computer crimes
  • Security Consultations
  • Surveillance
  • Missing Persons
  • Investment Checks
  • Private investigators can use public records to locate a missing person or the birth parents of an adoptee
  • Pre-employment screening

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Investigators

What types of fraudulent claims require an investigation?

Private investigators can help collect data and evidence to prove fraud has been committed. Types of fraud investigators can help with include arson, vandalism, burglary or theft. Faking a death to collect insurance benefits, a false claim of a foreign object in food or drink, staged slip and fall accidents, and staged or caused automobile accidents, are other serious types of fraud.

What are malpractice investigations?

In many cases, a government, company, or a person may hire an investigator when there’s suspicion that an employee of a healthcare organisation has committed an error that resulted in death, injury, or avoidable harm to a patient. It’s possible for an entire medical staff or facility to stand accused of medical malpractice. Investigators can also be used by the healthcare organisation to provide supporting evidence in their defence.

Are infidelity/divorce investigations useful for divorce lawyers in Canada?

Yes. Investigators can assist in setting the record straight in divorce cases. Especially if both parties are fraught with disagreements and allegations. An investigator can be brought in to discover, analyse and verify the information to help reach an amicable settlement. These can include proof of infidelity, assets, child custody, and support.

Experience Matters When Choosing a Legal Investigator in Edmonton, Alberta or British Columbia

Investigators are crucial when it comes to gathering the facts in a legal trial. It’s the most cost-effective way of substantiating the case and increasing the odds of a win for your client.

CE Security and Consulting’s investigators are not only trained professionals but experts in a court of law. Hiring our service is a strategy that can be effective in civil suits, divorce, custody hearings, and criminal cases.

We know there’s a lot on the line when it comes to your cases. We provide the manpower and support you need so that you can focus on your case, rather than doing the investigative legwork. We have the experience so you can trust your investigation to the capable, highly trained professionals at CE Security. We are happy to provide you with a confidential consultation on how we can help you win your next case. Give us a call today at 1-855-278-4806 or contact us online.