Are you considering hiring a security guard in Edmonton, Alberta?

Many businesses have to face the fact that theft and other crimes can happen on their premises throughout the day. Businesses like banks, retail stores and convenience shops across Edmonton, Alberta may be more of a target to criminals than other businesses. But there are many types of companies out there that hire security guards to protect their assets, staff and clients. Security personnel can assist customers, maintain security and most of all, stop crime. Business owners should examine the benefits of bringing on a security firm before hiring one. Here are some reasons why many businesses need the valuable services of security guards.

For Edmonton businesses, what are the benefits of hiring a security guard?

1. Crime Deterrent
Some of the most common crimes that affect businesses are theft of goods, assault on staff or customers, and vandalism. Without proper security on staff, it could damage the reputation of the business. If the customers and staff don’t feel safe coming to your place of business, they won’t shop with you anymore. But by hiring security guards you can prevent crime from occurring on your property. Having a security guard on the premises will significantly decrease the likelihood of any incidents that would have happened without them. Also, with a security guard present, it will deter thieves and burglars from targeting your store.

2. Sense of Security for Employees
Having guards posted in or around your business will create peace of mind for your staff. Even if something unexpected happens that could be a potential threat, your employees know the response will be swift. Your staff will have confidence knowing that instant support and safety are there immediately for any situation. The business owner can rest easy knowing that the staff and corporate assets are secure daily.

3. Improved Customer Experience
Customers arriving at your place of business will know instantly that the business is secure with a security guard there. This will improve client interactions with the business. Your company will now appear to be a more customer-focused entity while providing a secure and safe environment. But training and quality matters. Highly-trained, professional security guards, like those employed by CE Security, allow people in your place of business to feel at ease knowing there is a sense of safety there.

4. Ease of Handling Issues
If you have a security guard on duty and something occurs, you won’t have to wait for the police to respond to an alarm or distress call. Instead, your security guards can respond immediately to handle the issue and take the necessary action in real time. Trained security guards are prepared to take action during a potentially life-threatening situation and bring resolution. All the while keeping the staff and the customers calm.

5. Minimise Loss
Whether it’s during the day or at night having a security guard will lower the chances of any incidents that could result in losses. Even during hours when the business is quiet, the security guard will be there to protect the premises from any potential threats. Simply having a guard present will deter thieves from approaching your business to commit a crime or even entering the property.

What types of businesses should consider hiring a security guard?

Many different types of businesses can benefit from hiring a security firm to protect their assets, staff and clients. But the following businesses would especially benefit from having security guards on staff at all times.

Clothing, shoes, upscale jewellery, and electronics stores are just a few of the types of retail stores that can use protection.

Banks and Financial Institutions:
Banks and credit unions have been the targets of robberies for many years. Security guards should always be present in these businesses.

Sadly, this has become one of the places we never thought we’d need guards, but now it’s more important than ever to have security present on school grounds. Guards provide the peace of mind that students are safe to live and learn each day at school.

Residential and Retirement Homes:
The elderly have long been the victims of crime. These types of facilities can benefit from keeping their residents safe. It will also provide comfort to the people who live there as well as their loved ones, knowing their family members are safe.

For many businesses across Edmonton, the cost of a quality security firm is an investment in safety, security and peace of mind. This is one key step that can positively impact your business’s success.

What to look for when choosing a security guard company in Alberta, Canada.

If you are looking for security guards for your company, here are a few of the things you should consider.

Communication and professionalism:
You may have picked a security firm that has quality services. But you may not be happy with the results you’re getting because they don’t communicate well or act unprofessionally. Pay attention to how the security company communicates with you from the very beginning. If there are any instances where they act unprofessionally or do not return phone calls, then you may want to pass on them. It could become a bigger problem in the near future if you decide to hire them.

Certification and training:
Look into how much training the agents have had and what level of certification they carry. Working as security personnel requires a high amount of integrity, attention to detail, the ability to work under pressure, and vigilance. Security officials who have gone through extensive training certification are capable of providing the best service to the company they serve. They’re trained to keep your staff and customers safe. No one can expect a security guard who hasn’t undergone the proper training to provide the high level of expert care in a tense, emergency situation. That’s why we prioritise training and education at CE Security.

Company reputation and history:
When choosing a security company to work with, reputation matters. Do your research to look for security companies that have a good reputation. Always ask for references since clientele typically don’t leave online reviews like you would find for restaurants and salons. An established security system, like CE Security, can provide credentials and successfully demonstrate its abilities.

Choose the best security firm for your business in Edmonton, Alberta

If you’re the owner of a business that could benefit from adding security guards to your team to protect your staff, clients and assets, then we have a solution. It’s better to hire a reputable security firm now before you experience asset loss or worse.

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