Construction Site Security in Edmonton

If you are looking for a security company who can provide competent security for your commercial construction site, look no further than CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc.. Our trained and licensed personnel guard your Edmonton property like it is their own. Call (780) 479-4806 for a free quote today!


Secure Some Peace of Mind with Our Security Guard Services

When your residential or commercial property is still in the construction phases, it is much more vulnerable than you might think. Every part of the building is exposed—sometimes quite literally. Without the security that comes with locked doors and well-fortified walls, valuable equipment and building materials are left out in the open for anybody to see. Over the course of a night, a hard day’s work could be undone by a mischievous trespasser.

To protect yourself from such hazards, don’t just work with any security company—work with us. Let our security service be your secret weapon!

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10 Years’ Experience and Counting: Veterans of Construction Security

Companies with only a few years under their belt are likely still finding their footing in the industry. We on the other hand are a firmly established company who has been able to devote the last number of years to sharpening our skillsets.

We know how to assess every worksite and determine its most vulnerable points, and we always know exactly how many personnel are needed for any space.

Short-Term and Long-Term Security Guard Services

Do you require security services for just a few days or the entire duration of your project? Let us know!

We have the resources to monitor your site for however long is needed. If necessary, we will even provide you with signage, security lighting, and more. Just ask!

Reduce Costs, Losses, and Liabilities by Enlisting a Construction Security Guard

When our team is on the lookout, you won’t have to worry about vandals and thieves trespassing onto your property. You won’t have to suffer the financial fallout that comes as a result of damaged equipment, vandalism, or stolen materials.

Not All Security Companies Can Promise Strict Access Control, But We Do

We will familiarize ourselves with every person on your team, ensuring no one who hasn’t already been granted access can step onto your site. Upon request, we will provide you and your team with access IDs, as well.

All Night Patrols Courtesy of Our Construction Site Security Guards

CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc.’s security guards will be actively at work, ensuring the security of your property. You can expect us to perform frequent patrols of the construction site and its perimeter all through the night.

Secure the Perimeter by Contacting the Best Construction Site Security Team

Let us be your first and last line of defense against unwanted visitors and the many setbacks they bring with them. Call us at (780) 479-4806 for a free quote and thorough consultation.

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