Does your Edmonton office need a security upgrade? Edmonton, Alberta is a beloved city for a reason. We love that it is a city rich with history, filled with vibrant culture! But like all major cities, we recognize there is an elevated risk of crime. There has been a 66% increase in crime over the last three years and this has some businesses concerned. While crime can’t always be prevented, there are some small steps you can take when it comes to identifying security risks. Consider these questions.

Does your Edmonton office have an attached parking lot?

Entering and leaving any building can often be the time when people are the most at risk to experience crime. Having an attached parking lot to your office is a great start to keeping your employees safe! Making sure that there are parking spots available near the entrances can also help reduce any risk of robbery or assault. If you want to tighten up the security in your building, install a keyfob if you don’t already have one. This allows employees to get in and out of the building quickly. This can also prevent people following employees into the building.

If your office doesn’t have an attached parking lot, consider asking employees to use a buddy system when coming into work so that no one is walking into the office alone. If a buddy system isn’t feasible, a security guard makes the perfect escort.

Does your team often come into the office when it is dark?

Think about when your team is entering and leaving the office. If people in your office work different shifts, write down when each shift starts and stops. It is important that you identify how often your team is coming and going when it is dark. Crime is more likely to be committed at night, especially between 8pm and 10pm. If your staff is leaving or coming into the office at this time, you need to make sure they are safe. If your staff shouldn’t be in the office past dark, make sure to encourage them to leave on time! If staff arriving or leaving in the dark can’t be helped, make sure your parking lot and building has plenty of lighting.

Is there a security system in your office? If so, what kind is it?

Many buildings have some kind of security system already in place. Take stock of what kind of system you have and if it has any faulty connections or wiring. If your system includes a camera, make sure it works and has a full view of entrances and exits. Make sure only the people who need access to the security code have it. The fewer people who have the code, the safer your building is. You will also want to make sure you know what will happen if the alarm is activated. Contact your security provider for these details.

If you don’t have a security system, you should absolutely invest in one. Security systems have been proven time and time again to deter criminals.They can be very affordable and will give you peace of mind.

How often are your employees at the office alone?

A person who is alone is far more likely to be the victim of crime. Encouraging employees to not be alone in the office is a great first step in preventing crime. If this is not possible, taking extra security measures is an absolute necessity.

Consider doing an office survey to identify how many employees find themselves alone in the office. This will allow you to address safety concerns with your staff and also get a security plan in place.

What kind of security footage is in and around your office?

This question is extremely important and even more so if you share office space, or if you are around a lot of other businesses. Knowing what kind of security footage you have around you can help you immensely if a crime were to occur. While prevention is ideal, that isn’t always an option. Knowing what businesses around you have surveillance can save the police precious time.

You should also be very aware of your own security footage. It is highly recommended that every office have security footage. Check the cameras regularly to make sure no glitching is occurring and that all areas are clearly visible to the cameras.

What is the crime rate like in your area?

While it is true that crime happens everywhere, some areas have higher rates than others. It is important to know what the crime statistics look like in your area so that you can develop a security plan. Take into account how often crime occurs in your area and what kind it is. A security professional can use this information to help you determine what kind of security you will need to keep your employees and property safe.

Security is an important part of running any business. Identifying security needs and filling them can be done in small steps. Here at CE Security, we have many ways to make your office safe and secure. Contact us today so that they can help you assess weak points in your security plan. We use our years of experience and trained eye to minimize risks and make everyone safer.