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Make sure your event goes smoothly and remains safe for all of your guests with the comprehensive private security from CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc.. We offer our constant and reliable surveillance at competitive rates, so you can rest assured knowing you hired the best company for the job. If you have an event coming up that could use a little additional security, give us a call today at (780) 479-4806 to learn more.



What makes us one of the top security companies in the area? Our staff is highly trained, professional, and dedicated to giving you the peace of mind you need to host your event. A private event has many moving parts. There are caterers, bartenders, wait staff, cleaners, audio-visual technicians, door staff, and more. All these team members are all working towards one common goal, which is the enjoyment of the event’s guests. They want the event to run smoothly. They want the atmosphere to be perfect and for people to leave with a smile on their face.

Many event planners will often overlook one key detail. They’ll forget about hiring a professional team of professional security guards.

Many people think hiring security professionals is a little excessive. After all, what’s the worst that could happen at an event?

At CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc. however, we believe that it is always good to be prepared. If you’re investing time and money into the enjoyment of your guests, how could you not also invest money in their safety?

Risk-Free Quotes on Event Security

Making an event go smoothly takes a lot of planning. We understand this at CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc., which is why we are happy to offer no-obligation quotes for all of our security services. If you have an event coming up, drop us a line to speak to one of our experts. Our experienced and knowledgeable personnel will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns and give you an accurate quote based on the details of your upcoming gathering.

Reasonable Rates on Vigilant Private Security

At CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc., we strive to keep our rates low, so you never have to choose between keeping your event secure or other amenities. We have a wide variety of options that will fit any budget, which means that whether you are throwing an intimate gathering or a large corporate event, we have you covered.

Event Security Services Near Me

If you are planning a public conference, speaking engagement, or have booked a concert performance in the Sherwood Park area, you are probably already scouring the Internet for a reliable security service. If so, look no further than CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc.. We created CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc. specifically to satisfy the ever-growing demands for security services in the entertainment industry. And satisfaction is what we’ve always provided. Along with safety and security, of course.

Security services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Access control
  • Patron processing
  • Monitoring of liquor consumption
  • First aid
  • Immediate disturbance response
  • Celebrity protection

Our first aid and medical expertise is not limited to bandages, either. Our agents are first aid and CPR certified, and also trained to handle serious emergency measures. We’re also trained in conflict resolution to defuse situations, and we make it our mission to always be cooperative with local police forces. We are also trained in barricades and crowd control measures.

Are you looking for a security team that is professional as well as personable? Then look no further than CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc.

Private Event Security in Sherwood Park

Many event planners ask themselves, “Do I need professional security services for my small event?”

They might think that just because their event is small, there is no need for security detail. However, a security team just isn’t on the premises to protect high-profile attendees or perform bag-checks. A security guard and his or her fellow team members will perform in-depth risk assessments, they’ll make sure your event does not exceed its attendance capacity, and they’ll make your special guests feel at ease.

More than anything, a team of security guards is an insurance policy. They’re there just in case something does go wrong. Something as innocent as a power outage can frighten an audience. A security team will keep people calm and help the audience exit the venue in an orderly fashion if need be.

As an event planner, you already have so much to worry about. When so much is at stake, why not relieve some stress knowing you’ve taken all the necessary precautions?


Who should do your event security? Maybe bouncers, but they aren’t licensed or insured and can be dangerous. What about a big national security company, but are they going to take my needs seriously, and what is the guard quality like? Is there anyone else, better?

CE Security is the solution! When you choose CE Security to secure your event/conference centre, rest assured your safety and security needs are exceeded and your guests are well looked after; after all our motto is “Customer Service is our Weapon of Choice!” Our management team works with you to design a customized safety & security program to determine dollar for dollar where and what resources are best invested and focused to protect people, property, information and reputation. Through this process, we consider the entire guest experience from arrival to departure. We do our best to provide for a safe, secure and hospitable environment for guests and staff alike. From perimeter patrols, parking lot escorts, noise level checks, staff emergency drills, asset & VIP protection, concert barricade lines, etc… we are ready to serve you better! We Look for any type of nuisance and criminal behaviour, and we go above & beyond, to detect any situation that may disrupt the event; Fire, Smoke, Water Leak/Flood, Ice, Power Outage, Inclement Weather, etc.

Professional Security Personnel

All of our highly trained and qualified security guards are screened and carefully selected to make sure they meet our high standards. We are passionate about providing a top-notch security service, which is demonstrated by all of our security officers. Every time you hire us, you can count on receiving a team of certified personnel who will keep a watchful eye over your event.

CE Security maintains a strong professional presence and maximum visibility as a deterrent to potential offenders and courteously look after your guests. All agents are equipped with two-way radios and have 24hr access to dispatch in case of an emergency and for large scale multi-day events, we can provide a Command Post which features first aid station, equipment inventory, and mobile dispatch center. Depending on the venue we can provide bikes, all-terrain vehicles and/or golf carts, mobile units, all of which are marked to ensure our proactive, professional and customer service focused patrons and the general public feel the presence.

We are available for short or long term assignments 24/7/365 including statutory holidays and can additionally provide event security and alarm/call response. Remember, an investment in your safety & security program is an investment in your guest experience, and that leads to increased average dollar sales and repeat attendance, strengthening your bottom line!

Book CE Security for your next event, and rest assured we will provide the safety and security you expect and deserve, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our event security services. Call Today!

Areas of Focus:

  • Parkade & parking lots
  • Main doors & lobby
  • Hallways & stairwells
  • Washroom facilities
  • Main event room/site
  • Loading dock & waste facility
  • Fenceline, gate & barricades
  • Emergency exits and fire lanes
  • Emergency preparedness plans
  • Patron screening

Experienced and Qualified Security Officers

If you are hosting an event that could benefit from extra security, don’t gamble with an unproven security agency. Instead, put your trust in CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc.. We have an amazing track record of providing top-notch surveillance to events of all sizes. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of helping a wide range of events carry out without a hitch. Our many satisfied clients will attest that even if you think you might not need additional security at your event, the peace of mind we provide is worth every penny.

Our agents are:

  • Polite, Personable, Professional and Reliable
  • Carry Radios for rapid response and discretion
  • Trained in First Aid, CPR & Emergency Measures
  • Trained in Conflict Resolution to defuse situations
  • Pressure Point Control Tactics (Handcuffs & Baton)
  • Proactive & Responsive Patrol techniques
  • Cooperative Policing Program (Edmonton Police)
  • AGLC trained to monitor responsible liquor service
  • Trained in Barricades & Crowd control
  • Executive Protection of entertainer, speakers & staff

Experience the Benefits of Our Comprehensive Event Security

Give yourself the headspace you need to host a successful event with the superb event security coverage from CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc.. With so much on your mind already, why not let us help lighten the load by keeping your event safe and protected? We are proud to provide a professional service at a fair rate. Give us a call today at (780) 479-4806, and let us bring some much-needed security to your next event.

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