Planning a big fall festival or event in Alberta or British Columbia, Canada? It can be stressful! However, hiring security doesn’t have to be! Let CE Security help you protect your event and come up with security solutions that fit your needs. We happily serve the Alberta and British Columbia areas and would love to help you ensure that your event is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

When should you begin planning your security strategy?

The earlier, the better! There are many steps that go into creating a security plan for a large-scale event. You will need to make sure that there’s plenty of time to seek out the best security company for your needs; in turn, your security team will need time to make a plan and ensure that enough officers are on staff to meet your needs. The larger the event, the more people will be needed; additionally, depending on the size of the venue, vehicles and other equipment may be needed to help your security team do their very best. Plan early to keep things stress-free!

Why is security helpful for fall festivals in Canada?

Festivals can be huge events that bring a massive amount of guests, entertainers, and vendors to one location. The largest festival in Edmonton, K-Days, brings in between 700,000 and 800,000 people each year! While a local fall festival isn’t likely to get that big, it will still be a concentrated number of people in a small area. Any time there is a crowd, the likelihood of problems increases. Having security on hand will ensure that your attendees are safe in the event of a disaster, like a fire or inclement weather; a well-trained security team will also be able to handle medical emergencies or threats of violence quickly and efficiently.

Obviously, everyone wants events to go off without these sorts of problems! While those may be major reasons in your decision to hire security, you may want to consider smaller-scale options. If your festival offers alcoholic drinks, then your security personnel can monitor consumption and handle unruly guests. Security officers can also assist with crowd control, check IDs, and help escort entertainers from backstage spaces to where they will perform.

What types of fall events should hire security?

Any event that draws a crowd should have security on site. More people means there are more chances for accidents, disagreements, or many other situations that could have frightening– or dangerous– results. Having security on hand means that you will have trained professionals who can manage crowds, handle possible threats, and respond quickly to medical emergencies. The security and comfort of your attendees should be the priority of whatever security team you hire. CE Security’s officers are trained in many areas, from first aid to conflict resolution, and our blue and gold uniforms ensure that we are easily identifiable in crowds of any size!


What is an event audit?

An event audit is one of the first steps to take in hiring security. An audit entails viewing the venue, including other events held at the venue, to assess potential risks and solutions that are available. It also allows you a chance to see the venue’s policies and procedures for handling various situations that may arise during an event. Doing a thorough audit of your event space will also help your security team prepare for the event; they’ll have a better understanding of the venue’s layout, exits, places that could become dangerous, and other information that will help them protect your attendees, staff, and VIPs. The more information that can be gathered, the safer your event will be!

What is the first step in hiring event security?

The first step in hiring event security is the same as hiring any other professional service– ask for a quote! A good security company will offer you a quote for a low price (or possibly for free!) To help ensure that your quote is accurate, provide as much information as you can about the event– the dates, the venue location, the estimated number of attendees you expect, any special circumstances that may affect security. Additionally, if you have entertainers or other VIPs that may need additional security, state how many. Providing this information will give the companies you contact a jumping-off point for giving you an estimate.

Once you have selected a security company to hire, you’ll want to make sure your event audit is scheduled– or, even better, already completed! The sooner that information is handed off to the security company, the sooner they can begin developing a plan that will meet your needs.

What types of events require security in Canada?

Security should be a standard at all events. While most people think of security as only being necessary for large-scale events, disaster can arise anywhere; in June 2022, two men were killed at a Father’s Day event near Toronto. The world we live in can be unpredictable, and we all want to feel safe when we’re out to have fun with friends and family. No matter the size or scale of your festival, everyone present will be grateful to see professional security guards watching over the event.

Your fall festival is sure to be a success with the right security team! We at CE Security would love to hear from you and help you protect your event. Please feel free to contact us for a risk-free quote today!