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Commercial Security Services for Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Vancouver and Other Areas of Alberta and British Columbia

Are you looking to increase your commercial property’s security and overall safety in Edmonton and the surrounding areas of Alberta and Western Canada? CE Security & Consulting is here to help.

Our business specializes in providing patrol services for businesses and organizations. While alarm systems and security footage can significantly impact your property’s safety, nothing compares to an on-site security team.

Consult with Our Security Specialists

Every commercial property is unique. Each experience varying degrees of risk and require different protections. To bring you services that are highly customized, we always begin by conducting an on-site consultation. During this meeting, we can discuss your main security concerns, get an idea of the size of your property, and what risks are most relevant to the area, as well as the nature of your business.

For instance, if you own a jewelry store, your business may require more diligent monitoring than a toy store. With that being said, we will cater our security services to the value of your merchandise, the neighborhood, and degree of surveillance you wish to invest in.

Our experts can provide a cost estimate for the patrol service depending on how many officers are needed to provide your property with adequate protection.

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Understanding the Benefits of Hiring Property Patrol

Customer Experience

Having a trusted security team on-site can also help improve customer experience. Not only will your clients feel safe, but patrol officers can also provide basic customer service, such as giving directions and helping to maintain the property.

Feeling of Safety

Enlisting the help of a professional security team can help you, your staff, and your clients feel safer when operating on your premises. Suppose you or your colleagues feel uncomfortable or have noticed strange activity on the property. In that case, you need only mention it to our security guards, and we will investigate claims right away.

Deterring Crime

Perhaps the most significant benefit of hiring a patrol team is deterring crime. The most common crimes faced with commercial properties are:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Assaults

Deterring crime could be especially important if your business is high-risk, meaning it will likely be targeted for holding a significant amount of money or valuable goods. It is especially important if your business is located in a neighborhood with a high crime rate.

Our agents are trained to deal with these issues and deter suspicious activity-stopping crime before it occurs.

Getting a Clear Picture

In the unfortunate instance where a crime does occur on your commercial property having a patrol team on-site will help you get a clearer picture of what happened and how to deal with the situation appropriately. While security camera footage, alarm detection, and other electrical systems can give you a glimpse of the problem, having an in-person witness can help the criminal justice system put the case to rest quicker.

Learn More About CE Security and Consulting Patrol Services for Alberta and British Columbia

Who does your alarm monitoring company send when your business alarm activates? Do they call you or your staff in the middle of the night?

Local police will respond to your alarm but will issue you a fine if no emergency exists. And they do not give a priority response; often it can be hours before they respond, because they are busy with high priority emergencies. Compared to other security companies, we provide higher quality Security Agents, GPS tracked vehicles, digital reports and images.

Our Commercial & Industrial Patrol Service brings peace of mind to business owners like you in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Knowing a trained, experienced and licensed security professional is checking on your property through the night, and on weekends is the peace of mind your business deserves.

Understanding the Importance of Commercial Patrol Security

As a business owner, you have spent years, possibly decades, building your company into the establishment it is today. Your livelihood depends on your business, and you can’t afford to leave its safety to chance. That’s why commercial security is so important. While many business owners will choose to install alarm systems or CCTV and call it a day, there is nothing quite as effective as a reliable security guard.

At CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc., we make the complete safety of your establishment our business, and we will work diligently to ensure that it is not disrupted while under our watchful eye.

Commercial Patrol 2

Personalized Security Patrol for Commercial Businesses in Alberta and British Columbia Canada

In order to best serve you, we make sure to learn and integrate your own business practices into our security service. We make sure that any protocols you have are followed and that everything is kept in order during your absence. To achieve this, we begin every job with an in-depth consultation so that we can get all the information we need.

During the consultation, we will determine:

  • The value of the items in your store
  • If you’ve had security problems in the past
  • What your main security concerns are
  • What areas of your premises you’d like to have patrolled
  • How many security guards you would like to hire
  • Your budget for the service

Our goal is to provide safety, security, and peace of mind that is crucial for your workplace.

Our Focus

  • Your Staffs’ Safety and Security
  • Thefts of and from vehicles
  • Equipment and Asset Theft
  • Break and Enter, Theft
  • Suspicious Person/Vehicle
  • Vandalism and Graffiti
  • Medical / Fire Emergency
  • Trespassing and Loitering


  • We integrate with & support your business operations
  • Patrol units are assigned sectors for faster response times
  • Through keen observation our agents notice irregularities.
  • A trained and experienced security agent will inspect your property and report to dispatch with their findings.
  • Prompt alarm verification is the corner stone to minimizing losses and catching acts of crime in progress.

What Will it Cost?

Security is an investment, and quality security is an asset, it saves you money, secures operations, enhances reputation and community perception and supports being a good commercial neighbor!

Our expert team will be happy to provide you with an estimate outlining the cost of our patrol service. We recognize that business owners have a lot to pay for, and providing you with transparent and accurate pricing is one of our priorities. We’ll ensure you are entirely aware of what you’ll be paying before we begin working together.

If you have concerns about your budget, don’t be afraid to get in touch, we’ll work to accommodate you as best we can.

A Customized Approach to Commercial Security

We have worked in this business for many years and have learned that every industry and every business has unique concerns and needs when it comes to investing in property patrol and security. As the owner of a jewelry store, for example, you have different needs than a sandwich shop or an office building. Our patrol experts will take the time to understand your most pressing security concerns and develop a protection plan customized to meet your needs.

Security Guards You Can Count On

We work hard to be a security company that is always there when you need them. We show up when scheduled and fully equipped to carry out your patrol. We will keep a watchful eye over your property for the entire time we are scheduled and make sure that any disturbance is dealt with appropriately.

When your business is under the watch of our highly trained and reliable security guards, you can rest assured that no problem will be overlooked. We take accountability for what is happening on your property during our hours on patrol and will report any incidents to you without delay.

Peace of Mind

As a business owner, you have so many things to concern yourself with, the security of your building shouldn’t have to be one of them. It’s unrealistic to always be at your commercial property, which is why it helps to have a dependable security agency at the ready. Our highly trained staff will keep a vigilant watch over your property and swiftly deal with any situation that arises. Although having an alarm system can help reduce your worries, nothing can compete with having a licensed and trained security guard keeping a watchful eye on your property.

Been Around the Block

When hiring someone to watch over your property or assets, it certainly helps to know that you are dealing with a team that has demonstrated their abilities. You’re in luck. CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc. has an impressive history of successful security jobs. For over 10 years, we have been helping our valued clients get the peace of mind they deserve. You can count on us to deal with any situation that comes up efficiently, safely, and intelligently. Our seasoned security guards stay cool under pressure, so you can trust that they will logically resolve any problem on your property.

Highly Trained and Qualified

In our effort to be the best security company possible, we make sure that our security personnel are well-versed in the procedures needed to effectively watch over your property. First-aid and disturbance response are just a few of the training programs that our guards need to complete before monitoring your property. When you trust us to ensure the safety of your commercial property, you can rest assured that your patrol is well equipped to handle any issue.

Dedicated to Customer Service

With so many security companies to choose from, what sets us apart? We place a strong emphasis on providing our clients with a friendly and accommodating service on every job we take on. Many of our satisfied customers have remarked on how pleasant of an experience they had working with us. We understand that a security service should make your life easier, not harder, which is why we aim to make your entire experience with us hassle-free.

Superior Customer Service

You may be wondering what sets CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc. apart from other security and patrol companies in the area. That’s easy – it’s our dedication to customer service. Whether you have questions or unique concerns about the safety of your property, we are here to listen and accommodate your needs. We understand that the security of your establishment is crucial, and it’s important to us as well. We want you to be completely satisfied with the services we deliver so we can work as business partners for years into the future.

Our team of security guards is friendly and approachable so never hesitate to reach out and chat with us.