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Office Security Services for British Columbia and Alberta, Canada

When you think about what is needed for an office to run smoothly, what comes to mind? You probably think of a good leader with strong management skills, a hardworking staff, and a comfortable environment.

But is that it? You might also think about the cleaning staff who clean the office at night. Despite their rarely seen nor heard presence in the office, the cleaners are important, aren’t they? They make sure the office is always tidy and free of clutter.

If you end your list there, well, we’re sorry to tell you, but you are forgetting something very important.

What’s that, you ask? Security.

Is your office secure? Do you have security personnel monitoring video surveillance of restricted areas and private parking lots? Is your front desk guarded by watchful eyes? Is your building’s perimeter secure at all times?

If not, then why not give CE Security & Consulting a call? We have offered our commercial security solutions to the companies throughout Alberta and British Columbia since 2009, and not once have we failed at our duties.

A security service is many things to a business. It is an investment, a valuable asset, a safety precaution, liability protection, and peace of mind. What’s the one thing that it’s not? A waste of money. At the end of the day, you’re only going to benefit from having a professional security team at your side.

Front-Desk Security, Video Surveillance, and More

Chances are, your office doesn’t have an entire building all it to itself. Likely you share a building with several different offices and businesses. When your building grants access to many potential clients and total strangers every day, you want to make sure that your office is capable of properly screening any visitors who arrive in your office unannounced. This doesn’t mean frisking and searching every visitor’s wallet. Sometimes the presence of a uniformed security guard is enough to deter any strangers from loitering around an office area.

Our security services don’t limit themselves to active patrol, mind you. CE Security & Consulting’s security guards have experience working at the front-desk area alongside receptionists. From this vantage point, we are able to screen every person who walks through your doors.

Thanks to the magic of video surveillance monitoring, we can also keep a close eye on vulnerable access points—such as hallways and your office parking lot—while never abandoning our post at the office entrance.

Office Safety and Security in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Calgary and other Locations in Western Canada

While most office workers feel safe in the comfort of their cubicle, they might not feel so safe when it comes time to go home. Office parking lots, especially if they’re poorly lit or underground, can make even the most level headed person feel unsafe. And for good reason, too. Many robberies and altercations take place in parking lots after dark. These incidents can be avoided if you hire a professional security team to patrol and monitor your parking lot. If your business is located in Alberta or British Columbia, we can help! Your employees and colleagues will be grateful for the extra sense of security and added peace of mind.

Business Security Services, Video Surveillance and Office Security Patrols for British Columbia and Alberta

Our office security services are available in many areas throughout Western Canada, including:

  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Sherwood Park
  • St. Albert
  • Vancouver