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Store owners and property managers are very busy. Day in day out, they have a million things to worry about. One thing that they’ll often overlook is the security of their premises. It is understandable. When a person is juggling so many tasks, how can they also look after themselves and their entire premises? Even a single security guard isn’t always enough for a small worksite or building!

Why do people wind up hiring professional security services? A security professional might be hired by a company, building owner, or venue to perform video surveillance, check the credentials of guests, perform contraband checks or ensure the security of restricted areas.

Does Your Business Need Uniformed Security Services?

It’s not just jewelry stores that require guard patrol. After all, it is not like small businesses are exempt from petty theft and unruly customers. But there are other reasons that a Edmonton business might also benefit from the presence of a local security agency.

Parking Lot Security

Do your employees feel unsafe walking through the company parking lot at night? Why not put your employees, customers, and clients at ease by hiring a security service to monitor the parking lot? Loiterers will also cease to be an issue when there your building has a strong security presence.

Customer Service

At CE Security & Consulting, we believe in being personable as much as we believe in being professional. A security guard who is stoic and intimidating to every customer that walks into a building or business can be a major deterrent for business. That’s why we work hard to make sure we’re always friendly while never letting our guard down.

Video Monitoring Services

Active patrol is only one aspect of our professional security services. Many of our clients hire us to monitor their video surveillance feeds.

Liability Issues

If you run a liquor-serving establishment, you should always have a security guard present. When alcohol is introduced into a social setting, confrontations or health complications can arise at any moment. An innocent night can quickly turn stressful if a guest or patron begins becomes distressed or ill. Having a security guard from CE Security & Consulting’s team on site will help to ensure the safety of your patrons, as we are both certified in both first aid and conflict resolution.