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You face challenges, when your challenges require external support, consider CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc.’s highly qualified team of consultants, who with your collaboration will discover and determine a customized plan for meeting your challenges, presenting you with viable options and considerations for the best decisions. Move forward with confidence, no matter the challenges faced. At CE Security & Consulting, we know we do not have all the answers, and we liaise with other specialist consultants in order to be comprehensive. We are able to assist you to determine your required security needs. 

Safety & Security Consulting and Training

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design focused Site Surveys, including Crime Free Multi-Housing program
  • Security Program Design, Review & Recommendations
  • Create & Implement: Post Orders, Policies & Procedures and Forms
  • Establish and facilitate your organization’s Health & Safety Committee.
  • Employee Safety & Security Awareness Programs – including Occupational Health & Safety (Alberta)
  • Safety & Security Awareness Lectures & Presentations to your organization’s personnel
  • Oversee Transition from Contract Security to In-House Security departments and vice versa.
  • Pre-Screen and Classify Security Personnel Applicants
  • High Risk Employee Termination planning and execution
  • Personnel Screening & Qualifications Assessment and verification
  • Security Risk / Threat Assessments
  • Logistical Support
  • Global Travel & Relocation;Planning & Support
  • Penetration Testing
  • Integrity Audits
  • Secret Shopper Services; See your business from the consumer’s eyes & obtain valuable feedback
  • Nightlife Security Programs, program review & implementation to create safe and inviting establishments
  • Robbery Prevention Program and
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning, implementation and testing
    • Natural Disaster
    • Man-made Disaster
    • Civil Unrest
    • Labour / Union Dispute
    • Negative Media Attention
    • Terrorism

Training Solutions

  • Customer Service training for security & non-security personnel
  • Handling Difficult People & Situations in the Customer Service world
  • Human Resources professionals training for handling high risk employee terminations
  • Robbery Prevention Program training for your personnel
  • Loss Prevention 101 for sales associates in the Retail sector.
  • Staff Working Alone safeguards
  • Harrassment in the workplace
  • Customized Training Programs available based on the needs of your business,Contact Us for details

General Business Consulting

At CE Security & Consulting Inc. we have the opportunity to observe what many do not, or overlook its relevance, efficiency or time or cost saving ability; put our knowledge to work for you and your business, by hiring us to assess and consult on your business ability and future growth opportunities!

  • Business Financial Planning;identify new revenue streams, control existing costs, increase sales volume and margins, enhance Units-Per-Transactions, etc…
  • Customer Service Program; add value to consumer experience, increase satisfaction & retention, etc…
  • Marketing Strategies; find and target new & niche markets, increase repeat sales, joint ventures, etc…
  • Business Efficiency; Increase Productivity, Decrease Wasted Resources, etc…
  • Continuity and contingency planning
  • Customized services tailored to meet your business needs