What do you look for in a good security guard. It’s a question many people ask for different reasons. Safety is a primary concern for many of us. In 2020, police investigated over 130,000 burglaries throughout Canada. Hiring additional security for your event, business, or community may help soothe any concerns or fears you have. But how do you start hiring security? What should you look at while weighing your options? Follow our guide to help you make the right decision and help protect what you love most.

1. What Are Your Needs?

Narrowing down your needs is the first step to hiring security guards. Do you need security for an event? Are you a business owner who wants their business protected when nobody is there? Do you manage a housing complex, and your residents would feel more comfortable with a security guard patrolling? Identifying your security needs will allow you to easily compare prices for a security service and ensure you get the service you need.

2. What Are My Options?

Once you’ve identified your needs, you can start exploring your options for security services. At CE Security, we offer a free quote, and can be contacted at any time. You’ll want to consider the different levels of security and how they’ll best serve you. Do you want your guards to be clearly visible? Or do you need plainclothes officers who can discreetly patrol the space? Think about your vision of security while you consider the options before you.

3. How Is Their Customer Service?

When paying for a service, you want to make sure it meets all of your needs. Give some attention to each company’s approach to customer service. Do they provide around-the-clock services? Most security concerns happen after dark, so you’ll want to make sure that the company you choose has operators available to assist you at night. What guarantees do they offer surrounding their services? Make note of what you like and dislike as you interact with different companies and keep that in your mind as you search.

4. Is the Company Local?

We always feel more comfortable surrounded by people from our neck of the woods! You may want to consider that when choosing a security company. A national chain may have some advantages, but a local company truly understands the community it serves. CE Security offers services in many of the most commonly spoken languages in Alberta and British Columbia, matching the needs of the community in which we work!

5. Does The Company Offer More Than One Level of Security?

Different needs require different solutions, and a company that offers more than one service may be right for you! Having the power to change your service to meet any differences in your needs will ensure that you always feel protected, no matter what. Whether you want to start with video surveillance only, or need to jump right into security personnel patrolling your business or community, make sure the company you hire offers different levels.

6. What Qualifications Does The Company Require?

Hiring security is a move to make you feel safer in your event, home, or business. Therefore, it is vital that you check the qualifications required by the security companies you sign a contract with. Ask what training employees receive. If you know you need security personnel with specific certifications, ask about them. The right company will have all of the qualifications you need!

7. Can The Company Provide Backup, If Needed?

It’s essential to have enough security staff to meet yourl. In the event of an emergency, you’ll want to know that your security company can send another guard to your location. CE Security ensures that we always have enough staff available for spur-of-the-moment additions, just in case!

8. Is The Pricing Right?

Being budget-conscious is perfectly reasonable these days! Security can come at a high expense, but a good company understands that staying affordable will keep bringing in clients. On the other hand, though, a company that charges too little may provide a subpar experience that doesn’t really address your concerns. Try to find a middle ground in your security budget and seek out companies that fall around that price point– and know what you’re willing to spend a little extra on!

9. Can the Security Company Cover Your Space?

There is a big difference between a single-room event and a large shopping complex that hosts many different businesses. The right company will be able to provide not only an adequate amount of personnel, but any vehicles they may need too. While a wedding or birthday bash may only need a few officers on foot, a mall may need to consider hiring some guards to patrol the grounds in a vehicle.

10. Does the Security Company Have A Good Reputation?

A company’s reputation is one of the most important things to consider. Search for reviews of the security companies you’re considering and see what customers have to say about their experiences. Make note of any consistent complaints– and consistent successes! See how these balance with the rest of your needs to help you make the right decision. Whatever may have caused you to make the choice to hire security, these tools will help you ensure that you make the best decision for your situation. Enjoy the comfort that comes with knowing you have a security team looking out for not only you, but everything that matters most in your life! Reach out to CE Security to learn more, get quotes and see how we can help you!