As an event planner, you already have enough to worry about managing the finer details of your special event. Between juggling venue obligations, talent and guests, security can be another stressor.

Why not leave those specific responsibilities to the security experts? When you hire a professional event security team, they aren’t just there the day of the festivities. Our security experts specialize in helping you every step of the planning process. You can feel comfortable and confident going into the day of your event, knowing everything is securely in place.

An event security audit is a great way to proactively gain insight and advice. And thankfully, CE Security simplifies the process. If a security audit sounds complicated, don’t worry. We make it stress-free and straightforward. This gives you time to prepare. Because as any experienced event planner knows, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure.

What is an Event Security Audit?

In an event security audit, we perform a series of risk assessments and tests at the event site. This helps identify any potential hazards and safety concerns before an incident occurs. An audit is ideally conducted early on in the event planning process. However, we can come in at any stage of planning to offer guidance. During a security audit, we determine what risk factors are present, using state-of-the-art technology and techniques to locate possible areas of concern.

After the investigation is completed, our team communicates their findings. We collaborate with you, creating a security plan that’s tailored to your event’s exact needs. We don’t stop there, though. Our team goes through each and every detail of the audit in a consultation with you. We help you to determine exactly where resources are most needed. Together, we develop an action plan. This ensures your event employs a security plan that fits your exact specifications.

With a security audit, you provide your event with a level of insurance that an average security plan can’t promise. If your event has permit or specific insurance requirements, a security audit can be extremely helpful to limit your liability. A security audit establishes a paper trail of due diligence for your records. As you know, producing safe and successful event has an extremely positive impact on your reputation. By ensuring your event goes off seamlessly, we’re committed to helping you protect the stellar reputation you’ve worked so hard to create.

During a security audit, what elements of my event are evaluated?

Every venue is different and every event planner has their own unique concerns. A full security audit addresses all the basics as well as your specific needs for 100% safety assurance. Many safety variables are covered during the multiple assessments conducted during an audit. This includes everything from analyzing general safety parameters to strategizing through hypothetical dangers that are better dealt with than ignored. Our evaluation checklist usually includes closely monitoring elements such as:

  • A general analysis across the venue of common safety concerns like potential fire hazards, flooding, structural damage, exposed electrical wires, etc.
  • An inventorying of the venue’s first aid supplies, personal safety equipment. This includes identifying areas where medical emergencies can be quickly and efficiently treated
  • Proper and clear identification of all areas on the site, like restricted areas and emergency exits
  • The total amount of space the venue provides and capacity allowances

CE Security professionals are specifically trained in the event requirements of Alberta and British Columbia. This means you won’t have to worry about any issues that may be specific to your location going unnoticed. Our teams are 100% locally-based and understand all the unique challenges that may arise hosting an event in the Alberta or B.C. areas. A full security audit ensures that each challenge is accounted for and resolved.

What types of events should schedule a security audit?

Security audits are most recommended for larger gatherings and events like festivals and major concerts. But there’s no gathering too big or too small for an audit. Smaller functions like weddings and community events can benefit from the added level of precaution that a complete assessment provides. There’s always the possibility of something slipping through the cracks when you’re accounting for everything yourself. That’s why it’s best to leave security and spotting potential hazards to the trained eye of our team of security pros.

CE Security is Ready to Help Alberta and British Columbia Event Planners

An event security audit is a key part of creating a solid and effective event security plan. A truly impenetrable plan should not only prepare for potential incidents, but also prevent the possibility of an incident happening entirely– and that’s exactly what our professional security teams strive to do with our event security audit services.

With an audit, we can help you address any and all security shortcomings ahead of time and with expert-level effectiveness to give you total peace of mind. Whether you’re planning an open-air music festival or a local sporting event, a security audit provided by the expert teams at CE Security & Consulting is the secret weapon your event security plan needs.