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Who We Are

CE Security & Consulting Inc. was created in 2009, to provide exceptional customer service in the security industry that has been notably lacking, we believe, and our customers have affirmed that our security experience coupled with customer service is our biggest ‘weapon’ in tackling everyday challenges faced in dealing with security issues. Each security challenge is unique, but be certain we will work to provide effective solutions that encompass both customer service and security in everything we do! Now Servings Alberta and BC!

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What is 'CE'?

“CE” stands for Canadian Entertainment, the organization was conceived our of a need for professional security agents in the entertainment industry, our first contract was in an Sherwood Park event venue, where we provided comprehensive security services, everything from access control and patron processing to monitoring liquor consumption, first aid, disturbance response and celebrity protection!

Born out of that were many happy customer relationships who engaged us for more special event work, then retail work, and today, our clients are still our loudest advertising and marketing dynamos!

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Mission Statement

Facilitate a safe & secure environment for our clients, their personnel, their customers, assets and reputation, because without their success we cannot succeed!


Become the foremost security services provider in Canada, by providing customized effective, dynamic and comprehensive security solutions to our clients and the community, so together we can live in peace.

Our Values


CE Security and Consulting Team

Our team is experienced in numerous security industry niches, and our combined wealth of knowledge combined with our company dynamic allows us to better serve you, our valued clients. For more information on what we can do for you, please Contact Us!

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In everything we do, we actively seek out WIN-WIN-WIN relationships. We aim to ensure that all concerned parties are satisfied and work to collaborate on new endeavours together whenever possible, we refer business to our clients, we provide perks to our valued staff, and we seek opportunities to grow our business while staying true to our corporate heritage and mission and vision statement.


Our dedicated and dynamic security team has real world training & experience in numerous security niches; because of this we are able to better interpret your unique operational needs and tailor a comprehensive security program that provides the optimal balance of Customer Service & Security! Whether you require security for a special or corporate event or want to enhance your day to day business’ security program, we can help! From farmer’s markets to multi million dollar commercial compexes we can secure your premises and provide the ideal safety and security program that meets your needs, exceeds your expectations and keeps your customers returning! To learn more about how we can change your opinion of security and enhance your business’ bottom line, Contact Us Today!

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing quality, effective and reliable customer service to you our valued clients. Rest assured we will excel at providing hospitable customer service to you and your clients through every interaction.

Our customer service focus enables us to accomplish any task with safety and integrity in mind without jeopardizing your or our quality business reputation.

Through our personable interactions we forge relationships and build rapport, we employ strategies and tactics that will provide the greatest result to mitigate risk, reduce incidence and increase safety & security.

We make great efforts to honour all commitments and to go above and beyond in our service for our clients.

Company Motto

Our motto clearly and concisely states how we conduct business; “Customer Service is Our Weapon of Choice!™


In keeping with our values, and to best serve our clients we ensure we look as high quality and professional as your staff and business does!

Operational Capability

We are a small company and that is a HUGE positive for your business, we are optimally positioned in order to remain flexible and responsive to our unique customer needs, unlike large security providers we place your satisfaction as our primary concern, we value our customers and we value your business! *** Our Services are Available in French, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Tagalog, Punjabi, Hindi, Amharic, Nepali and more!

Blue and Gold

Our quality uniforms are highly visible and visually appealing – Because our objective is to be approachable professional, and to deter crime and increase safety & security through presence. Blue: conveys a sense of calm, courtesy and authority. Gold: conveys a sense of prestige and professionalism and contrasts splendidly on royal blue.