Residential Patrol in St. Albert

Who does your alarm monitoring company send when your home alarm activates? Local Police will respond to your home alarm but for a fee if no emergency exists! Often police are busy with other emergencies, alarm calls become low priority and have long response times to determine an actual intrusion/emergency.

Our Community Patrol Service brings peace of mind to residents knowing a friendly, trained, experienced and licensed security professional is keeping watch through the night.


  • We get to know you & we learn what/who doesn’t belong.
  • Patrol all roads, lanes and alleys, and parks with special attention given to playgrounds in the community area.
  • Respond to and assist with emergencies in the community.
  • Investigate any suspicious activities, and report crimes to police and inform appropriate community contacts.
  • Assist residents and the public in the community area.

What will this cost?

Security is an investment to safeguard your assets and for peace of mind. Our low monthly fee to subscribe is affordable, and when an alarm activates, we promptly respond to verify the alarm. We can also be called on to investigate suspicious activity in your neighborhood, and act as a first responder in a medical/fire emergency.

Subscription rates are subject to the number of subscribers in the patrol area; so call your neighbors, then call CE Security to sign up today!


  • CE patrol units are assigned a patroling sector to provider faster response.
  • Through keen observation our agents notice irregularities.
  • A trained and experienced security agent will inspect your property and report to dispatch with their findings.
  • When an incident occurs we will contact you with our report & photos and will remain on scene until relieved by your designate.
  • We will provide you with details of our findings when you want them, if an incident has occurred, we’ll have photo evidence also.

Our Focus:

  • Playground checks
  • Battery Boosting
  • Lost & Found Service

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