Most Edmonton business owners know that owning and operating a business does have its share of risks. Earning money isn’t enough. Businesses need to protect themselves from lawsuits and other outside forces that can harm their assets.

Obligations to third-party vendors, debt, mortgages, claims for damages, consumer protection issues, and professional or product liability are just a few of the risks a business owner could face.

If any of these are handled improperly, these issues could result in the loss of business as well as personal assets. Knowing what these risks are and how to avoid or minimize them can lead to a successful business venture.

What are five important steps to safeguard business assets?

Utilize all legal protections that work well for your unique business.
There are many ways to protect your company and your attorney can help you leverage them to keep your assets safe, but keep it straightforward. If the asset protection plan becomes too complicated and you’re not clear on the basics, it could create a gap in protection. The best way to handle this is to allow one attorney or one legal firm to manage the entire plan. This way your asset protection approach will be comprehensive and not fall apart when you need it most.

Invest in the right insurance.
Many times a small business owner won’t buy enough insurance and just assume that a disaster will never happen. But when a digital or physical asset is compromised, having the right insurance can minimize the loss. All of the company’s major assets should always be insured.

Apply for as many copyrights, patents, and trademarks as possible.
These days every company has intellectual property. It’s just as important as your tangible assets. By registering it you’ll keep all of your intellectual property safe. It’s the best way to protect your brand by getting a trademark.

Plan before a data leak or claim happens.
The most important thing you can do to protect your assets is to begin preparing now. Once a claim or leak occurs, it’s too late. Anytime there’s a major change in the status of your business or assets, you should update your asset protection plan. If you don’t, there could be gaps in how your assets are secured.

Use internal security measures and confidentiality agreements to protect business data and trade secrets.
Client lists, business practices, operational procedures, and trade secrets are what make you unique and competitive in your industry. That’s why it’s so important to protect these assets. Having contractor, third-party, and employee confidentiality agreements will go a long way should an incident occur. It’s also important to invest in password protection, encryption, security systems, and other security measures such as trained guards to keep your assets safe.

How can a security company help to protect an Edmonton business’s assets?

The ever-rising number of cases of crime that target businesses, means that private security is now one of the most sought-after services in the world. For businesses in Edmonton, Alberta, CE Security’s security personnel can make a huge difference for business owners who fear their assets could fall into the hands of criminals. Here are a few reasons why your business needs the help of security personnel:

A heightened sense of security.
Having security guards at your place of business will not only create peace of mind, but it will also improve productivity. Security guards raise the level of safety and deter criminals from stealing money or merchandise. Their presence will also help prevent crime that can ruin the reputation of your company.

Security guards are well-trained in various situations so the business owner doesn’t have to worry about incidents getting out of control. They can diffuse a situation quickly and are professional in their conduct during any potential incident.

Rapid response.
Having security guards on-site will offer the business owner a faster response than the police. While you’re waiting for law enforcement to arrive, the guards will leverage their expertise and modern equipment to descale any threats safely.

Improve customer service.
In an ideal business environment security guards and client service work together. These security experts have excellent communication skills. Their primary objective is to protect the customers, staff, and business assets, but they can act as great points of contact for customers. This will improve rapport and provide an excellent first impression for your company.

What types of security systems are effective at helping Edmonton businesses protect their assets?

As an Edomonton business owner, security is one of the many things that are top of mind. An advanced security system can help quell any fears regarding theft. This way, the business owner can focus on operating the company. The following systems cover a well-rounded security system that can be used in conjunction with security personnel to ensure protection.

Video surveillance.
This type of system can act as a preventative measure to discourage theft before it occurs. If a crime does occur, the video footage can help identify the suspects and also serve as proof in legal proceedings or an insurance claim. Many of the new systems can be monitored by the owner on their computer or phone when they’re away from the business.

Intrusion detection.
This system will set off an alarm if there’s any incident on the property. It can be triggered by the carbon monoxide detector, smoke, broken glass, or forced entry. This will help alert security personnel or law enforcement to act. They also work well as a preventative measure in the event of a burglary. Most thieves will move on to another target if they notice an alarm system in place. If the alarm goes off during a crime most criminals will flee before any assets are lost.

Access control.
Monitoring and limiting who has access to the business will prevent customers from entering employee-only areas and prevent theft. Keys can be duplicated and locks may have to be changed on a regular basis, but electronic access like key cards, fobs, and biometrics can’t be duplicated. This will provide an additional wall against unwanted intruders. Electronic access controls will also provide data to the owner as to who entered the building and when they arrived. The access can also be specialized for certain employees or cleaning crews.

System monitoring ensures that the alarms reach the appropriate parties and create a response. These security systems can be linked to the internet, phone landlines, a cellular network, or a central location that’s monitored 24 hours a day. This ensures that security personnel and/or law enforcement are notified immediately during an incident. This works well for properties that are in rural or isolated areas to make sure that security measures are met as quickly as possible.

How CE Security can help you safeguard your Edmonton business’s assets?

Security is a crucial asset for companies of all sizes. This will create a safe environment for your staff, clients, and your assets. Security risks threaten people, merchandise, intellectual property, and the reputation of your business in Edmonton, Alberta. Hiring a private security company that gives you 24-hour protection and monitoring is critical to the safety of your business. If you need top-notch, professional security services that will provide you with peace of mind, contact CE Security and Consulting.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions to our clients when it comes to asset protection and security. To learn more about what we can do for your business, reach out to our security experts today at 1-855-278-4806 or visit our contact us online.